Ramtitam Two

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This is the second release of music for MediYoga by Fredrik Wännman. 

Ramtitam Two combines traditional mantras with modern music. Guru Ram Das, with Anine Stang is a mantra used with meditation for the heart to open the heart and release its feelings. My Perfect Place, is perfect background music for a yoga session and is used in the  Continuation series in MediYoga and for Back, Breathing and Sleep sessions. Ocean Morning, is music without a mantra, intended for meditation, relaxation and yoga. Sa Ta Na Ma, with Matilda Thompson is the mantra to go with meditation Kirtan Kriya. 

By general request, Sat Nam from Ramtitam One with a version with lyrics on every fourth refrain instead of every second refrain in the original version.


1. Guru Ram Das (vocals by Anine Stang)

2. My Perfect Place (Sat Nam)

3. Ocean Morning

4. Sat Nam (with 1/4 vocals)

5. Sa Ta Na Ma - Kirtan Kriya (vocals by Matilda Thompson)

6. Sa Ta Na Ma - Kirtan Kriya (instrumental)


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